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It has been a LONG time since I’ve posted on here, and there’s a couple of great reasons for that (and not so great, I’ll admit) but I won’t get into all of that here, because I have a NEW blog that I’ll be posting all of that on to!  I talked about this blog a long time ago (May 31st, to be exact) and I wish I could say that it’s taken me this long to actually make the blog live because I’ve been working on it all this time, but that would be a flat out and out lie, so I won’t even go there. 😉

As to why I’m switching blog sites yet again (afterall, I started this poor blog on Blogspot! LOL!) it’s because the new blog is on a private domain, which allows me to customize things a whole lot more than I can on this free set up through  Not to bash because they’re definitely better than Blogspot, but is even better. 🙂

While I was working to get the new site ready, I transferred over all posts and comments, so nothing will be lost in the move (I hope).

With no further ado, I’d love to introduce my new site: Vote Mitt for President!  I hope y’all check it out, and enjoy it.  Thanks for all of the support that I’ve received from my fellow Mittheads, friends, and family, and I truly hope to see you over there!



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